Deontay Wilder

I had the opportunity to sit down with the WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder to discuss life in the Heavyweight division and the challenges set forth in the coming year as a champion.

MP – I’m here with Deontay Wilder the WBC Heavyweight Champion of the world. I want to congratulate you on becoming the champion and your continued success. How does it feel to become the heavyweight champ and bring the belt back home to Alabama?

Deontay – It felt great man you know…for one making a promise to my daughter at the time she was one years old I made a promise to her…I’d be a world champion one day…to make that promise I was way over myself…because many guys..many many guys have tried to be a world champion but just as many have tried many have failed and for me to make that Continue reading Deontay Wilder